Empowered Culture


Founding Partner - Jill King

Twelve is in business to empower leaders to think strategically and act quickly.  In 2012, Twelve Founder, Jill King, started working with the revolutionary Anaplan platform and she never looked back.  She spent years muddling through Excel spreadsheets, spending more time reconciling data and less time adding value to the business.  When she discovered Anaplan, she felt empowered to be able to help her customers change the way they analyze their data.

The top notch consultants at Twelve Consulting Group use the latest technologies to help solve business analysis issues our customers have been wrestling with for years…analysis takes too long to put together, you can’t rely on the data, there are versions upon versions floating around emails and network folders, there’s too much data to manage in Excel…I could go on and on.  Twelve, partnered with Anaplan, can change the way you look at your business.

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Managing Partner - Josh King

Josh’s experience is deep in consulting expertise around EPM tools like Cognos, IBM TM1, and most recently with Anaplan.  At Anaplan, Josh was one of first 10 employees in 2011 just months after Anaplan went commercial.  In five years Josh built the presales team from the ground up as the VP of Presales. He joined Twelve in February of 2016 to help scale the organization. 

Josh’s passions are in growing culture, scaling teams, and developing leaders.  At Anaplan he built a team with a very specific culture that was focused on continuous development and became a feeder team for leaders within Anaplan.  At Twelve, he is enjoying working with an innovative team on extending the culture, delivering customer value, and scaling. Josh works with leaders to think through how Twelve can evolve the way that it delivers excellence to its customers and at the same time fostering career paths.

Q&A with Twelve Founder, Jill King

Q: Why did you name the company Twelve Consulting Group?
I’m a numbers person and this is a numbers business so I wanted the name to reflect what we do.  I started working with Anaplan in 2012 and my career changed forever.  Anaplan allowed me to leverage two of my biggest strengths and passions: Math and People.  This is going to make me sound like the biggest geek, but I love building models in Anaplan.  Finding new ways to solve problems every day is exciting. And I love working with our customers.  I get to change how they work, how they analyze their business, what they can provide to their business.  So naming the company Twelve was a no brainer for me, because 2012 is when it all began for me.

Why did you start Twelve?
 I needed to find a way to continue working with customers, while also being able to manage my time.  As a working mother of three, I am constantly looking for ways to make my day more efficient.  The only way I saw that working was to start my own business and focus on customer service while also having time to spend with my family.

Why are you so passionate about the Anaplan software?
I know the pains of an analyst today. I was an analyst, and I know how much Anaplan can change the life of someone in that role.  I know that data is King and if you have a tool that allows you to quickly analyze your data, you can make better decisions.  The impact Anaplan can have on a business is so significant and that’s what gets me excited about it!

Why do clients like working with your team?
We are positive, dynamic people who work efficiently and effectively to get the projects completed.  We understand our customer’s challenges as we have all been in our customer’s shoes.