With over 250 Anaplan projects completed and over 30 Anaplan consultants and Master Anaplanners, Twelve Consulting Group is the most experienced and accomplished implementation partner in the Anaplan ecosystem. We have deep knowledge in Finance, Supply Chain, and Sales Performance Management, and are experts in connecting these domains to unlock Anaplan’s true value. Our anaplan implementation services use a proven methodology. We combine an Agile structure with proprietary applications, execution tools, and trainings to deliver results that consistently exceed expectations, and can help you transform your business.

Our end-to-end Anaplan solutions include: 


model architecture & design




project management 


data integration





Have an existing Anaplan model? Not sure how it’s performing or where to start? Maximize your model’s capabilities with the help of our experienced consultants who can assess your needs and execute an optimization plan. Our team designs for high performance and massive scalability to ensure your model grows with your business.

Our model reviews address the following competencies:

  • Scalability
  • Design & Performance
  • Model or Workspace architecture
  • Function & integration 


Custom maintenance and support packages designed to maximize your long-term investment in Anaplan. With Twelve’s managed services, you gain predictable support costs and service levels, Twelve’s wealth of knowledge in Anaplan design, architecture, and domain best practices, and visibility to your requests. Ultimately, our goal is to increase the speed of your employees’ Anaplan adoption, stabilize your applications, and help you maximize return from your software investment.

Twelve's Managed Service offerings include: 

  • Break fixes
  • Minor enhancements
  • Release management
  • Tenant management
  • Monthly data maintenance 
  • User security and access control
  • Dedicated account management
  • Ongoing mentoring and enablement 
  • Ticket monitoring and reporting


Being self-sufficient empowers business leaders to get the most out of their cloud software purchase - while reducing ongoing costs. That’s why it is our goal to make each client self-sufficient with anaplan data integration so they can maintain and modify their Anaplan ecosystem. In addition to the proprietary enablement activities that occur during every Twelve project, our team of anaplan cloud analysts offers specialized trainings for any audience: from first time Anaplanners to seasoned technical veterans.

Trainings include:

  • LaunchPad: teaches new model builders the basics they need to begin their Anaplan journey
  • Custom Trainings: model- or competency-specific, for all skill levels and group sizes

For more information on our training offerings, visit our Twelve.EDU page!