Twelve Gives Back

Empowering Leaders Program

Our children are the leaders of the future, and we want them to have the tools to navigate the world.  We believe that technology opens doors in amazing and unexpected ways.  We continue to see these doors open for us internally as well as for our customers with the help of Anaplan and other incredible technologies.  The Empowering Leaders Program is designed to provide eligible clients with an opportunity to select a school in their community for us to donate to on their behalf.  The funds are contributed to the school with the request that they be used to improve the school’s technology resources to increase opportunities available to students.



The Minneapolis crew made 500 sandwiches for the 363 Day Food Program during National Volunteer Week.  The sandwiches were  distributed later that day to homeless individuals and families living on the streets of Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Our competitive spirits came out as we divided into two teams to make the sandwiches as quickly as we could.


Our Minneapolis team partnered with Anaplan to assist in making over 3,000 sandwiches and 500 snack bags to feed the hungry in Minnesota at an event called Happy Hour Squared.  Allan Law, the volunteer who has devoted his life to helping the homeless in Minnesota was at this inspirational event.   Check out Starfish Throwers, a documentary that Mr. Law is featured in detailing his efforts to fight hunger and give hope to the hopeless. 


Each employee at Twelve was given $12 to spend to make someone's day better.  From a donation of bottled water to a group of homeless people in Texas to a couple of surprise coin deposits at a Minnesota laundromat, and various other random acts of kindness throughout the country, we are not sure whose day was made more - our employees, or the complete strangers.  #12gives12


The Twelve team volunteered at the Jerry Gamble Boys and Girls Club in Minneapolis in November 2014 and had an amazing time!  It is hard to say who had more fun, the kids or our team!  We spent our time playing games, drawing, dancing, serving meals and conversing with the kids.  We all want to go back again!