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Twelve’s Anaplan Accelerators offer a fast-track to Anaplan model development. Our Accelerators are modular, prescriptive, and include optionality for each tool feature based on best practices in Anaplan design and over 250 implementations spanning nearly every industry. Think ‘a-la-carte menu’ for enterprise cloud planning.



  • Select from a standard FP&A "package" and an array of customization options
  • View demos and examples of functionality options at each step of the way
  • Estimate size and project scope in real-time


  • Build a dynamic pipeline summary at the opportunity level
  • Drive CRM data integrity and ongoing data improvement
  • Understand changes over time in pipeline composition and prospective revenue
  • Facilitate multi-level workflow and collaboratively establish a forward-looking sales forecast
  • Analyze sales force performance metrics at any level of detail

zero–based budgeting

  • Build the budget from zero, starting with pre-built standard categories
  • Aggregate and facilitate communication across the enterprise
  • Manage security and system controls
  • Track overall business impact and measure savings

To connect with us about our Anaplan Accelerators, or to learn whether the Accelerated approach is right for your business, please contact us using the link below.