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There is a variation in execution capacity between companies, and most companies are not performing to their full potential. 

In order to create an accurate picture of how businesses are performing today, Celonis surveyed over 2000 business leaders across 6 countries, 8 industries, and 4 lines of business. 

Celonis measured the performance of Procurement, Accounts Payable, Order Management, and Accounts Receivable, and quantified the impact on the company's bottom line.

Find out:

  • Challenges faced by these departments

  • How you compare against best-in-class organizations across key KPIs

  • How the average company could be leaving over $673M on the table

  • How A/P and A/R departments could free up over $567M in working capital

  • How Procurement and Order Management could save over $105M annually

The State of Business Execution Benchmarks Report


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