Consumer Packaged Goods

Market Challenges We Help Solve:


Stockouts & Excess Inventory

The shift in supply and demand created through Covid has caused various products to be overstocked or understocks and can be too much to plan and forecast (Ex. Toilet Paper).


Supply Chain

Supplier reliability. Also increased demand for space on shipping containers and truck space has increased lead times across many facets of the supply chain. 


Automation & Order Management

The current labor shortage in the workforce has caused a shift in focus to increased automation in the manufacturing side of the industry —the timeframe to receive these tools and machines has been hindered by increased lead times in the supply chain.

Our Focused Solutions:

Order to Cash

Automatically detect and resolve order errors and blocks, such as price or quantity changes, or unnecessary credit checks and delivery blocks for timely — and touchless — processing. 


Focus on automation across the order management process and inefficiencies due to labor shortage.

Achieve best-in-class results for the metrics that matter in Order to Cash

BIC Order Management.png
Order Management.png

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable departments are focused on getting customers to pay on time. But execution gaps in manual, non-data-driven collections hinder performance. Celonis helps you maximize DSO by prioritizing accounts with the highest likelihood to pay, recommending actions for high-risk accounts, and ensuring a 360° view of your customers


Focus on automation to increase collection rates and maintain working capital

Achieve best-in-class results for the metrics that matter in Accounts Receivable

BIC AR.png

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Inventory & Warehouse Management

Execution gaps in manual forecasting, poor supplier communications, and unreliable master data hurt performance. Celonis helps you improve inventory management by providing accurate forecasts and enhancing lead-time accuracy through ML models.


Focus on supplier lead times and, stockouts, excess and obsolete inventory.

Achieve best-in-class results for the metrics that matter in Inventory & Warehouse Management

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Order Management.png