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CPG Inventory
Efficiency (IE)

Celonis App

A new approach to Inventory Management & Supply Chain Visibility

Our Celonis Inventory Efficiency Application is a tailored solution for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies that provides real-time visibility into inventory management and supply chain processes, enabling you to identify execution gaps and take action. With our Inventory Efficiency application, you can improve customer satisfaction, meet sustainability targets, and reduce spoilage.

Discover how the Celonis Inventory Efficiency App can help you streamline your supply chain operations.


Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction by improving the total order cycle time.

Optimizing order management processes ensures your customers always have a positive experience. One of the most valuable key metrics of the order fulfillment process is the total order cycle time as it provides insight into the efficiency of your operations.

Our Celonis Inventory Efficiency Application uses real-time data to measure the entire order-to-cash process in calculating total order cycle time uniquely built within the process mining tool. 

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How we help

Total Cycle Time can have a positive or negative impact on customer satisfaction. Dissatisfied customers result from long order cycles that delay fulfillment and lengthen delivery times. 


Our Celonis IE App brings visibility into the amount of time it takes between each activity in your shipping process and identifies hidden inefficiencies or roadblocks so you can make educated decisions on how to decrease your throughput time. For instance, reducing the throughput time between receiving the delivery confirmation and clearing the invoice from days to hours.


The key to reducing emissions and achieving your sustainability targets.

Reducing emissions is one of the most significant and complex challenges in the supply chain without drastically increasing consumer costs. 

With the Celonis Inventory Efficiency Application, total emissions can be calculated using industry metrics, taking into account both distance and time for each mode of transportation.

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How we help

Gaining visibility across the entire supply chain - modes and regions - can be challenging and without a complete picture, supply chains are limiting the ability to fully optimize their operations.

Our Celonis Inventory Efficiency Application provides real-time visibility and data into shipping modalities designed to help reduce emissions. You can identify patterns between materials, customers, and modes of transportation to make informed decisions on how to best optimize your supply chain to ensure you hit your sustainability targets.


Automate inventory management to reduce inventory spoilage.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies are under constant pressure to manage inventory levels and maintain efficient operations. One of the biggest challenges is preventing the spoilage of inventory due to expiration dates. 

With our Celonis Inventory Efficiency Application, you can measure the time between critical steps for perishable goods using a predetermined spoilage time scale.

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How we help

In the fast-paced world of the CPG Industry, companies are constantly striving to reduce inventory spoilage. One way to do this is by automating the removal of delivery blocks. Delivery blocks are a type of constraint that can impede the flow of goods from the supplier to the customer. 


Our Inventory Efficiency Application identifies and automatically removes unnecessary delivery blocks for high-priority shipments and strategic customers.


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