Life Sciences

Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, and Medical Technology

Market Challenges We Help Solve:


Speed to Market

The Application & Approval Process through the FDA for new drugs is highly variable, complex, and can take a long time to complete. This is especially true for Brand drugs.

Getting specialty temperature-controlled drugs (Cold Chain Storage) to market in a timely fashion is challenging due to the complex process of transporting and storing these drugs (ex. Pfizer Covid Vaccine). 



Sourcing the appropriate parts and materials to create a new manufacturing environment has its challenges in terms of both planning and scheduling.

Pharma products require highly specialized materials in which sourcing these materials is also hindered by supply chain constraints. 


Cost Performance

Although pharmaceutical usage will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, controlling costs will be a prevalent issue as pressure will continue to come from policy decisions, healthcare providers, payers, employers, and even the individual patient.

Our Focused Solutions:

Celonis for Procurement

Focus on Supplier Reliability to build better planning parameters that avoid late deliveries, and consistently identify the most reliable vendors. 


Execution gaps due to improper blocks, PO changes, manual steps, and maverick buying hinder performance. Celonis helps you improve execution by removing unnecessary blocks, recommending actions on PO changes, and automating manual steps.


Achieve best-in-class results for the metrics that matter in Procurement

Best in Class Procurement Metrics

Order Management

Execution gaps in order processing due to improper credit checks, EDI blocks, and order changes create havoc. Celonis helps you prioritize critical orders, optimize next-best-action recommendations for on-time delivery, and avoid re-work.


Focus on credit blocks and large order volume delivery blocks that can cause delays including inaccurate material master data causing delivery date changes.

Achieve best-in-class results for the metrics that matter in Order Management

Best in class order management metrics
Celonis for Order Management
Celonis for Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable departments are focused on getting customers to pay on time. But execution gaps in manual, non-data-driven collections hinder performance. Celonis helps you maximize DSO by prioritizing accounts with the highest likelihood to pay, recommending actions for high-risk accounts, and ensuring a 360° view of your customers

Focus on automation to increase collection rates and maintain working capital


Achieve best-in-class results for the metrics that matter in Accounts Receivable

Best in class accounts receivable metrics

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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is the backbone of finance operations, and processing invoices productively and paying at exactly the right time can have a huge impact on working capital and operating margins. But execution gaps in invoice processing hamper performance. Celonis helps you optimize DPO, save cash, and increase productivity during invoice processing


Celonis quickly helps you manage costs by paying under the most optimal terms (Duplicate payments, late payment fees, price changes)

Achieve best-in-class results for the metrics that matter in Accounts Payable

best in class accounts payable metrics
celonis for accounts payable