At Twelve, Core Values aren't just words we say — they're something we hire for and live out every day. Our team is built on a foundation of culture, and it's this culture that has made Twelve the most innovative, successful implementation partner in the Anaplan ecosystem.



Engaging as a team to strengthen our community. Our team collaborates on everything we do. In the office and across the country, we remain connected as a group through Slack messaging. We work together to solve the most challenging problems on a daily basis. We keep each other accountable, and recognize and reward our team members often for their great work.


Making time for happy and healthy. Your best work is done by your best self. At Twelve, we recognize that fact and live it every day. From Wellness Wednesday workouts, to hiring events at local fitness clubs, to the MS 150-mile bike ride, to offering healthy snack choices in the office, Twelve is proud to support our people in their pursuit of health and happiness.



Accountability to deliver results through perseverance and passion. We thrive on a strong culture - one that is healthy, collaborative, and growth-oriented - but without delivering excellent results, none of this is possible. Twelve's reputation and business is built on being the best Anaplan implementer in the industry. We hire excellent people and expect nothing short of excellent work. This focus is reflected in each and every project we deliver.

personal growth

Empower people to achieve their personal goals and aspirations. At Twelve, Personal Growth begins with our career development plans and tracks, and doesn't stop there. Not only do we support our people in making the right choices to achieve their professional aspirations, but we also go the extra mile to help them accomplish goals outside of work.

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