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A fully customized model-building training that caters to your use case and business practices. This training’s intent is to provide deeper enablement to customers who have already taken the Level 1 training and wish to further develop their Anaplan skills.

Training Objectives:

  1. Build a custom Anaplan model that aligns to the customer’s
    use case and basic business practices

  2. Continue developing Anaplan knowledge and skills through additional model building

  3. Explore advanced Anaplan functionalities not covered in
    Level 1 training


Relevant Audience:

  • New or existing Anaplan customers, including:

    • New Anaplan customers who have completed Level 1 training and are looking for additional training opportunities

    • Newly hired employees ramping up to learn existing Anaplan model

    • Existing Anaplan customers looking for a refresher course on
      basic Anaplan skills

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