Meet our dynamic team that will be at CPX 2019

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Josh K. - CEO

Before joining Twelve, I was the VP of Presales at Anaplan in charge of building a scalable culture and team. I was fortunate to take what I learned during my five years at Anaplan and join Twelve in 2016 with the goal to scale teams again, but on the services side. Today, I work with our team, customers and Anaplan to continually innovate in building enterprise solutions.

Talk to me about: The Early Days of Anaplan, Scaling Teams, Culture and Operations, High Performing Leaders, Strategic Partnership Development, Sales Strategy, Customer Success


Kelly P. – Head of Advisory

I’ve had the opportunity to implement Anaplan both on the customer side and now at Twelve with dozens of clients for the past 2 years. My experience has given me the ability to share a unique perspective on positioning Anaplan for success at any organization.  

Talk to me about:  Zero Based Budgeting, SmartSpend OpEx Planning, Business Transformation, Revenue Growth Management, Sales Performance Management, Program Management, Value Proposition and Stakeholder Vision sessions


Pete A. – Head of delivery

I have been working with Anaplan since 2014, first as a member of Anaplan's Customer Success Team and currently as the Head of Delivery at Twelve. My role is a mix of business development, people management, and executive sponsorship at some of our largest Enterprise customers. I am passionate about using cutting-edge technology to solve complex business challenges.

Talk to me about: Connected Planning, Program Management, Establishing a Center of Excellence, Developing a Business Case for Anaplan, Data Integration, Solution Architecture


Jordan H. Managing Consultant, Supply Chain Lead

With 4+ years of experience implementing Anaplan at Twelve, I’ve grown from a model builder to a solution architect to a team lead. Over the past year, I built a team focused on the Supply Chain domain in order to be on the leading edge of best practices for implementing Anaplan across the associated use cases.

Talk to me about:  S&OP, Demand Planning, Trade & Promotion Management, Pricing Optimization, Solution Architecture, Connected Planning, Best Practice Implementation


Katie J. – Managing Consultant, Head of Chicago

Since joining Twelve 3 years ago, I’ve performed many roles ranging from technical implementation to overseeing project roadmaps, as well as growing our footprint across the Midwest. I founded our Chicago Office in October of 2017, and now lead a team of 10. My role is a mix of people management, solution architecture and overall client health management.

Talk to me about: Connected Planning, Twelve Chicago, Solution Architecture, How to Approach a New Implementation, Anaplan’s Competitive Advantages


Haley F. – Managing Consultant

During my 3+ years at Twelve, I’ve worked through varying Finance and Sales use cases with a range of client industries and sizes. I currently manage a delivery team out of MSP, am a key player in Twelve’s talent acquisition and am aligned to support many of our West Coast and Mid-Market clients.

Talk to me about: Twelve Project Methodology, Income Statement Planning (including Workforce Planning), Solution Architecture, How to Identify Project Roles within Internal Teams


Liz W. – Managing Consultant

Over my 3 years at Twelve, I have gained a wide range of experience in successful implementation and now manage a team of Model Builders and Solution Architects. I enjoy working directly with customers to ensure that projects within their Connected Planning roadmap are aligned with the right project resources timeline and best in class design.

Talk to me about: Connected Planning, Program Management, Implementation Timelines and Staffing, Sales Performance Management, Enterprise Account Strategy

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John W. - Senior Principal solution architect

I joined Twelve Consulting as a partner 4 years ago. Before that, I was one of the first 10 employees at Anaplan. It has been an incredible journey watching Anaplan grow, and we at Twelve are constantly revising and improving our process to support that growth. I leverage my experience with 100+ Anaplan projects to help build our team and enhance best practices.

Talk to me about: FP&A, Headcount Planning, Sales Forecasting, Incentive Compensation, Territory and Quota, Connected Planning, Project Methodology

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John D. – Principal Solution Architect

I joined Twelve in 2016, but my Anaplan experience started back in 2015 as a member of the Apps Team at Anaplan. Today, I’m responsible for guiding the implementations with some of our biggest clients. My goal is to ensure each client experiences the excellence and value that Twelve is known to deliver by growing the project team’s skills throughout the project timeline.

Talk to me about: Connected Planning, Anaplan Connect, Sales Performance Management, Commercial Planning, Application Lifecycle Management


Blake G. – Solution Architect

I joined Twelve 2 years ago, after nearly a decade of enterprise Finance and Operations roles. I have implemented a large variety of projects and lead the delivery of multiple Commercial Planning and Supply Chain use cases. I’ve worked extensively with Application Lifecycle Management and helped a client rollout a model to over 20 markets in less than one year.  

Talk to me about: Connected Planning, Sales Forecasting, Territory & Quota Management, Trade & Promotion Planning, Supply & Demand Planning, ALM & Global Rollout best-practices


Jason B. - Senior Consultant, Supply Chain

Since joining Twelve 2 years ago, I have been able to work with a wide variety of customers on many different use cases to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their planning decisions. I enjoy helping customers find scalable solutions, including assisting one client expand to 60+ active models within their Connected-planning ecosystem.

Talk to me about: Supply Chain, Trade & Promotion Management, Demand Planning, Inventory Optimization, Application Lifecycle Management, Global Rollouts

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Megan H. – Head of Internal Operations

I have been working at Twelve for 5 years and have worked with over a dozen clients, mostly in the FP&A space. I am now the Head of Twelve's Internal Operations, where I am focused on building processes, developing people and collaborating with our community and business partners.

Talk to me about:  Hiring Anaplanners, Custom Trainings, The Importance of Enablement, Twelves Empowering Leaders Program