Our Story


Twelve is in business to empower leaders to think strategically and act quickly. Twelve's Founder, Jill King, started working with the revolutionary Anaplan platform in 2012 and hasn't looked back since. In a previous career, she spent years muddling through Excel spreadsheets - spending more time reconciling data than adding real value to her business. When she discovered Anaplan, she felt empowered to be able to help her customers change the way they analyze their data.

"The top-notch consultants at Twelve Consulting Group use the latest technologies to help solve business analysis issues our customers have been wrestling with for years…the analysis takes too long to put together, you can’t rely on the data, there are versions upon versions floating around emails and network folders, there’s too much data to manage in Excel…I could go on and on. Twelve, partnered with Anaplan, can change the way you look at your business."

–Jill King (Founding Partner)


Q: Why did you name the company Twelve Consulting Group?
”I’m a numbers person, and this is a numbers business - I wanted the name to reflect what we do. I started working with Anaplan in 2012 and my career changed forever. Anaplan allowed me to leverage two of my biggest strengths and passions: math and people. This is going to make me sound like the biggest geek, but I love building models in Anaplan. Finding new ways to solve problems every day excites me. And I love working with our customers. I get to change how they work, how they analyze their business, and what they can provide to their business. Naming the company Twelve was a no-brainer because 2012 is when it all started for me.”

Q: Why did you start Twelve?
”I needed to find a way to continue working with customers, while also being able to manage my time. As a working mother of three, I am constantly looking for ways to make my day more efficient. The only way I saw that working was to start my own business and focus on customer service while also having time to spend with my family.”




Josh is deeply experienced in management consulting, especially leveraging EPM tools like Cognos, IBM TM1, and most recently, Anaplan. Josh was one of the first 10 employees hired in 2011 just months after Anaplan went commercial. In five years, Josh built the global pre-sales organization from the ground up as the Vice President of Pre-Sales. He joined Twelve in February of 2016 to help scale the organization.


Josh’s passion is growth: building a strong culture, scaling competent teams, and developing leaders. At Anaplan, he built a team with a very specific culture that was focused on continuous development and became a feeder for leaders at Anaplan. At Twelve, he is enjoying working with an innovative team to extend the culture, deliver customer value, and execute at scale. Josh works with our leaders to continue to evolve the way that we deliver excellence to our customers while developing our people for long-term success.


Q: What excites you about leading Twelve Consulting Group?

"I’m inspired by the people at Twelve that I have the good fortune to work with and by the new solutions that we’re finding to tackle tough challenges. We spent a great deal of time choosing our core values and that exercise has helped us find folks that share similar interests and goals. This means that every day I get to work alongside awesome people that are invested in personal growth, collaboration, excellence, and well-being. A day can range from a group workout to a giving-back initiative, and then back to a conference room where the team is huddled around a whiteboard trying to solve the next problem.

As each month passes I’m continually amazed and excited at what our team is able to deliver. In consulting you always face new challenges. I’ll be honest, there are projects that we take on that make me nervous due to the combination of complexity, scale, and looming unknowns. However, I’ve been blown away by what our team has delivered time and again. I believe it’s because we’ve hired the right people, have focused on continuous people and process development, and never stop creating the next solution, taking on the next challenge. It’s a group of folks that want to get better every day whether it’s in a conference room or on a rock wall - those are the type of people I’m excited to work with every day."

Q: What makes Twelve such an effective partner in the Anaplan ecosystem?

"For me, it always comes back to our core values - they have allowed us to deliver for customers and continue to push for the next level of innovation. I think that our customers appreciate the way that we collaborate, the enablement IP we provide to help develop the skills and careers of their employees, the focus on our Twelve methodology to deliver the right solution, as well as the off the wall well-being activities that our team weaves in. No project or customer is the same, so focusing on the people and the process allows us to continue to deliver against any challenge. Are we perfect? No. But our relentless focus on iterating and creating new solutions that we share with our customers allows us to create lasting partnerships and get better every step of the way."