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Twelve Consulting Group and Celonis

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Why Celonis

Life Sciences Market Challenges We Help Solve

CPG Market Challenges We Help Solve

New Partnership Announced

On February 10, 2022, we announced our official partnership with Celonis, the global leader in execution management. Our technology consulting expertise aligns nicely with Celonis’ market leading process mining and execution management capabilities, which further enables our customers to optimize their business operations, identify inefficiencies through process mining and unlock full execution capacity.

Nicole Gallant, VP Partner Management North America at Celonis shared that the Celonis and Twelve Consulting Group partnership “will help enterprises close the execution gaps that have been holding them back from achieving full execution capacity.”

“This new collaboration with Celonis combines the strengths of both organizations — our joint customers will benefit from improved performance and exceptional business outcomes” stated Jon Howard, Director of Solution Innovation at Twelve Consulting Group.

Why Celonis?

Every organization can unlock the full potential of its execution capacity with the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS).

Celonis' EMS helps companies analyze and optimize their business processes, reducing corporate inefficiencies. It drives all facets of business execution, which includes real-time data ingestion, process and task mining, planning and simulation, visualization and daily management, and targeted action flows for real-time course correction.

Identifies & Fixes Hidden Inefficiencies

Powered by its market-leading process mining core, the Celonis EMS offers a set of applications and platform capabilities that eliminate billions of dollars in inefficiencies, improves the customer experience, and decreases carbon emissions.

Meet the Celonis Execution Management System:

Life Sciences Market Challenges We Help Solve

The development and deployment of new drugs and devices is a constant challenge due to the nature of working in a highly regulated and sensitive market. There are cost concerns to address as well since a major focus is on making drugs and devices more cost accessible for everyone.

Speed to Market

The logistics of providing Life Sciences products to end-customers is something that must be done right every time, especially for specialty temperature-controlled drugs (Cold Chain Storage). Bottlenecks in your inventory management or order fulfillment process can hinder getting those drugs to their destinations in a timely manner.


Sourcing the necessary components and materials to develop products in a new manufacturing environment has numerous planning and scheduling obstacles. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices require highly specialized materials; procurement of these critical materials can be challenging and unpredictable in the face of current supply chain constraints.

Cost Performance

While pharmaceuticals, targeted biotherapies, and medical device usage will continue to grow in the foreseeable future, controlling costs will be a significant concern as pressure mounts from policy decisions, healthcare providers, payers, patients, and employers.

Our Focused Solutions that Solve Life Sciences Challenges

Twelve Consulting Groups Life Sciences Celonis Solutions

Procurement Solution

  • Execution gaps exist from improper credit blocks, manual steps, PO changes, and maverick buying, negatively affecting operating performance. Celonis helps improve execution by eliminating unnecessary blocks, suggesting actions on PO changes, and streamlining manual steps.

  • A focus on vendor management to develop improved planning parameters will prevent late deliveries and continuously identify the most reliable vendors.

Order Management Solution

  • Execution gaps are prevalent in order processing and create havoc as a result of improper credit checks, EDI blocks, and order changes. Celonis will help prioritize high-priority orders, optimize next-best-action options for on-time delivery and eliminate re-work.

  • By concentrating efforts on credit blocks and large order volume delivery blocks, delays can be reduced, including inaccurate material master data and changes to delivery dates.

Celonis Customer Case Study

Twelve Consulting Group Celonis Johnson & Johnson Order Management Process Pharma Case Study

Accounts Receivable Solution

  • With AR teams focused on getting customers to pay on time, execution gaps in manual, non-data-driven collections can majorly impact performance. Celonis can minimize DSO by identifying accounts with the highest likelihood to pay, suggesting actions for high-risk accounts, and offering a 360° view of an organization’s customers.

  • A focus on automation will improve collection rates while maintaining working capital that can be directed towards innovation and R&D.

Accounts Payable Solution

  • With AP being the backbone of finance operations, processing invoices efficiently and paying at the right time can have a substantial impact on working capital and operating margins. While execution gaps in invoice processing hinder performance, Celonis can improve DPO, save cash and boost productivity during invoice processing.

  • Celonis systematically reduces costs by paying under the most optimal terms.

Celonis Customer Case Study

Twelve Consulting Group Celonis Life Sciences Merck Accounts Payable Case Study

CPG Market Challenges We Help Solve

Widespread labor shortages and current supply chain disruptions have created a challenging operating environment for many Consumer Packaged Goods companies. CPG companies not only need to keep up with the high inflation rates to break even but also focus on their core business functions to optimize overall business performance.

Stockouts & Excess Inventory

COVID-19 has materially shifted buyer behavior, causing many CPG products to be overstocked or understocked, often with little correlation to historical benchmarks. This rapid change in customer sentiment can be extremely challenging to accurately plan and forecast.

Supply Chain

Supplier reliability is a major challenge for CPGs, as is an increased demand for space on shipping containers and trucks. This has resulted in longer lead times across many facets of the supply chain.

Automation & Order Management

The current labor shortage has shifted more manufacturers to automate certain repeatable activities to keep pace with demand. However, the delivery of equipment and machines required to become more efficient has also been impacted by increased lead times in the supply chain, resulting in a further gap between production capacity and consumer demand.

Our Focused Solutions that Solve CPG Challenges

Twelve Consulting Group Consumer Packaged Goods Celonis Solutions

Order to Cash Solution

  • This O2C solution can automatically identify and correct order errors and blocks to improve order fulfillment. Common bottlenecks removed include price or quantity changes, unnecessary credit checks, and delivery blocks for timely and touchless processing.

  • By focusing on automation across the order management process, Celonis can help reduce inefficiencies due to labor shortages and disconnected processes.

Celonis Customer Case Study

Twelve Consulting Group Celonis CPG ABInBev Order Management Case Study

Accounts Receivable Solution

  • The overarching challenge within any company's A/R process is getting customers to pay and to pay on time, a major challenge in the CPG to the Retail supplier-customer relationship. Visibility into the core collections process provides the ability to drill down into specific customers to identify and correct inefficiencies that can disrupt cash flows.

Inventory & Warehouse Management Solution

  • The execution gaps that exist in manual forecasting, unreliable supplier communications, and poor master data can materially impact performance and customer satisfaction. Celonis can improve inventory management by producing reliable forecasts and optimizing lead-time accuracy through ML models.

  • A focus on supplier lead times, stockouts, and excess & obsolete inventory will help you manage the flow of your physical goods throughout your supply chain process.

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In today’s world, most companies are not only trying to keep up with the cost of inflation but to also stay ahead of the curve in both technology and profitability. By focusing on optimizing your core processes and business functions, you will identify hidden inefficiencies and drive tangible solutions

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