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Achieving Growth in CPG

Learn how Beverage & Spirits leaders can incorporate leading indicators to significantly improve their planning and forecasting practices.

Twelve Consulting Group-Prevedere

Beverages & Spirits:
Leading Indicators Report

Leading beverage CPG companies have invested in Anaplan and other software to improve their internal planning and forecasting. But according to HBR, up to 85% of business performance is influenced by external economic factors.

Introducing Prevedere for external economic insights

Now, advanced planning is available that works with existing solutions like Anaplan to augment internal forecasts with external economic insights. With Prevedere, finance, marketing, and analytics leaders can:


  • Access a comprehensive repository of global economic data

  • Identify leading indicators for their businesses

  • Use leading indicators to improve their forecasts

  • Monitor conditions and get alerts for key changes

Leading economic indicators for adult beverage CPG companies

Out of millions of macroeconomic signals, Prevedere has identified three key factors that have a leading relationship with total spirits sales:

  1. Total Public Construction Spending

  2. Impulsivity Score for Males aged 54 and under

  3. Real personal consumption expenditures for Food-At-Home


Download the leading indicators report to learn more! 

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