We Create One Flexible, Shared Platform for Your Business

Twelve is in business to empower leaders to think strategically and act quickly. As the largest exclusive Anaplan partner and the 2018 Americas Partner of the Year, we have deep product and domain expertise in finance, sales, and operations. To date, Twelve has over 100 clients and 340 Anaplan implementations. We provide industry-leading Anaplan consulting services and design, and place a strong emphasis on teaching and empowering our clients along the way. The result of this model is a sustainable partnership: happy clients that are self-sufficient and can continue to grow and evolve their models after we leave.

Modernize Your Finance, Sales & Supply-Chain Processes in the Cloud


Our Anaplan projects are driven by a core process that ensures we execute today while planning for the future. Based on our experience in hundreds of Anaplan projects across Finance, Sales, and Supply Chain functions, our process delivers consistent results and sustained value.

Anaplan Implementation


Twelve Consulting Group is the largest, most experienced exclusive Anaplan partner in the industry, boasting nearly 50 Anaplan-certified Solution Architects and Consultants. Our proven methodology provides end-to-end expertise, from your business’ Anaplan model architecture and design to execution, project and program management, data integration, and enablement.

Advisory Services


Twelve’s advisory services work to create long-term solutions using the power of Anaplan. Our advisory and development teams work hand-in-hand to make your business transformation sustainable and impactful, architecting solutions not just for today, but for years to come. Our advisors also offer assessments, workshops, and roadmapping activities to maximize the return on your investment in Anaplan.

Anaplan Accelerators


Speed up Anaplan development, reduce time to value, and hit the ground running with our Accelerators. Based on learnings from over 250 implementations spanning many industries and business sizes. Need a place to start and scale from? Best practices? Our Accelerators are for you.

Anaplan Workshops


Schedule an in-person Anaplan workshop to get your organization on the same page and moving in one direction — forward. See our current workshop offerings and set your organization up for success.


Twelve.EDU — Anaplan Enablement

Enablement is critical for long-term technology transformation, and it’s one of Twelve’s specialties. We train your team on the fundamentals of sound Anaplan model-building. We prepare your team for implementation and build models from scratch as they learn about Anaplan’s formulas and functions. We also deliver custom training, which helps onboard new team members and prepare existing teams for successful management of your Anaplan ecosystem.