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Anaplan Service Packages

Support Packages

Looking for a comprehensive service package that will help you get the most out of your Anaplan investment? Look no further than our specially designed service packages.

We’ll show you how to fully optimize Anaplan for performance, efficiency, flexibility, and usability.

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Annual Model Rollover

The perfect solution for making sure your models are ready for the next year. We can help with everything from simple administration tasks to data structure and hierarchy re-work. We will make sure your transition is seamless and your models are primed for success in the upcoming year.

Anaplan Model Reviews

Our expert architects will review your model + data hub in-depth and provide guidance on best practices and recommendations to optimize Anaplan for performance, efficiency, flexibility, and usability.

New User Experience (NUX) Accelerator

With its intuitive approach, clean look, and streamlined navigation, the NUX is more user-friendly than ever before. We offer a "NUX Accelerator" service package to help your organization migrate seamlessly from the Classic UX to the New UX. This includes dedicated Solution Architect time. 

Management Reporting

Eliminate the need to copy-paste large amounts of data. Using Anaplan's Management Reporting, you can create highly formatted, customized slides to deliver key insights and clear reporting to your organization — quickly convert presentations into multi-page PDF packs and share those key metrics with all stakeholders.

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