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The Leading Platform for Connected Planning

Transform Your Business with Anaplan

Put an end to siloed work and uncertain outcomes

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The Anaplan platform is built to help businesses think ahead and rapidly adapt to change. 

This Hyperblock® technology and cloud-native solution connect people, data, and plans across the enterprise — bringing complex scenario modeling, automated data analysis, and advanced machine learning capabilities. 

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Anaplan Platform

Forrester TEI report reveals that adopting the Anaplan platform for Connected Planning delivers a 303% return on investment

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Dean Chin

SVP + CAO + Corporate Controller

What we really liked about Twelve is their ability to understand our business really quickly but then challenge what we truly needed from budgeting & forecasting.



How do you stay ahead
of the competition?

By mitigating these four key challenges: change, complexity, collaboration, and scale.


With predictive power and integrated multi-dimensional analytic capability, Anaplan helps you convert constant change to your advantage.

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Successful businesses must mitigate four key challenges to stay ahead: change, complexity, collaboration, and scale. With Anaplan, business leaders can see edge-to-edge across their company, easily align, and achieve business and technology goals.

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Connected Planning

Connected Planning delivers insight and improves efficiency with real-time collaboration across your enterprise.

Experience the benefits of hyper-scale computing to create and evaluate multiple scenarios. Establish a single source of truth and link plans to action and accountability.

Speak with one of our experts and

get a personalized demo.

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Transform Your Business with Anaplan

Our Solution Specializations

Pharma GTN with Anaplan

Life Sciences

Gross to Net

See how Gross to Net modeling is a differentiator for Pharma companies

CPG Volume and Innovation Planning with Anaplan


Volume &

Innovation Planning

Create optimal new item plans to increase innovation success rates

CPG Trade Promotion Management with Anaplan



Planning & TPM

Explore next-gen Trade Promotion Planning to drive revenue growth

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