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Our Story

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Jill King, Founder

Twelve is in business to empower leaders to think strategically and act quickly. Twelve's Founder, Jill King, started working with the revolutionary Anaplan platform in 2012 and hasn't looked back since.


In a previous career, she spent years muddling through Excel spreadsheets - spending more time reconciling data than adding real value to her business. When she discovered Anaplan, she felt empowered to be able to help her customers change the way they analyze their data.

"The top-notch consultants at Twelve Consulting Group use the latest technologies to help solve business analysis issues our customers have been wrestling with for years…the analysis takes too long to put together, you can’t rely on the data, there are versions upon versions floating around emails and network folders, there’s too much data to manage in Excel…I could go on and on. Twelve, partnered with Anaplan, can change the way you look at your business."

– Jill King, Founder

Josh King, CEO

Josh is deeply experienced in management consulting, especially leveraging EPM tools like Cognos, IBM TM1, and most recently, Anaplan. Josh was one of the first 10 employees hired in 2011 just months after Anaplan went commercial.


In five years, Josh built the global pre-sales organization from the ground up as the Vice President of Pre-Sales. He joined Twelve in February 2016 to help scale the organization.


Josh’s passion is growth: building a strong culture, scaling competent teams, and developing leaders. At Anaplan, he built a team with a very specific culture that was focused on continuous development and became a feeder for leaders at Anaplan.


At Twelve, he is enjoying working with an innovative team to extend the culture, deliver customer value, and execute at scale. Josh works with our leaders to continue to evolve the way that we deliver excellence to our customers while developing our people for long-term success.

- Josh King, CEO

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Our mission at Twelve is to unlock potential for individuals, organizations, and communities alike. We recognize this is only possible by intentionally building a talented team that reflects the diversity of our continuously evolving communities.


We strive to remove barriers and create an inclusive environment where our people feel empowered to bring their true selves to work every day. We will challenge our team to push beyond their comfort zones. We will intentionally learn, unlearn, and expand our perspectives by cultivating platforms for knowledge, growth, and empathy.


We commit to investing in our communities, partnering with organizations

to drive transformative change, and amplifying marginalized voices. 


This is how we unlock potential. 


Our Core Values are something we hire for and live out every day. Our team is built on a foundation of culture, and it's this culture that has made Twelve the most innovative, successful implementation partner in the Anaplan ecosystem.





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At Twelve, we are committed to investing in the communities in which we live and work! One of our strategic initiatives is to invest $500k into our communities by the end of 2025.



In 2021, we formed a community partnership with Theresa Living Center, a non-profit based in St. Paul, MN. Theresa Living Center provides transitional housing, rapid re-housing, and support services to women and single-parent families who are striving to move from homelessness to self-sufficiency.


Twelve CG is committed to creating opportunities that empower our employees, customers and communities to thrive. We’re looking forward to all the ways we can invest our time, talents, and resources into this new partnership.

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This program is designed to provide eligible clients with an opportunity to select a K-12 school in their community for us to donate to on their behalf. The funds are contributed to the school with the request that they be used to improve the school’s technology resources.

To date, Twelve has contributed $75k+ through our Empowering Leaders Program.


In 2016, we forged a resilient and enduring alliance with Playworks that has matured and deepened over time. This collaboration has expanded beyond monetary contributions, encompassing our team's enthusiastic participation in both the Minneapolis and Chicago Playworks Kickball Tournaments, as well as our newly onboarded employees dedicating their time to volunteer with Playworks during recess.


Moreover, the introduction of the Playworks Corporate Recess has elevated our Annual Kickoff to unprecedented heights. We remain profoundly impressed by the impactful work Playworks undertakes, and we hold in high regard the immense value this partnership brings to Twelve!

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