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CPG Volume &
Innovation Planning

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Innovation Planning — A Critical Component to a CPG Growth Strategy

The CPG Volume and Innovation Planning solution allows all stakeholders (corporate planning, demand planning, marketing, account teams, and distributors) access to real-time information to ensure that the Financial and Sales Volume plans associated with new item launches are accurate and timely.


The solution allows these stakeholders to operate with velocity and level of granularity that would be impossible using traditional planning software or spreadsheets and positions CPGs for success despite the volatility of marketplace dynamics.

Volume planning for CPG companies is challenging and even more so when new items are involved. Multiple stakeholders with siloed communication and processes, lack of historical data, and the uncertainty of consumer reactions all conspire to make planning an extremely difficult process.


With less than 3% of new items succeeding in the marketplace, the stakes are high to get innovative plans as accurate as possible to ensure alignment of marketing activities, adequate product supply, and excellent retail execution. By providing a connected volume and innovation planning solution, CPGs can ensure that planners can create the optimal plan to increase new item launch success rates.

Volume Innovation Value Stream

Volume & Innovation Value Stream
cpa volume and innovation planning solution benefits

Solution Benefits


Ability to create a new item as a starting point prior to being in the ERP product master

Plan at aggregate levels while making granular adjustments to market or customer plans that are based localized market dynamics

Ability to forecast sales, profit, and margin

Benchmark new item forecast based on historical data of one or more existing SKUs


Complete flexibility to make adjustments to volume assumptions at all levels

Direct linkage to demand plans that ensure adequate supply for meeting new item launch promotions and demand generation activities

cpg volume and innovation planning customer story

Volume & Innovation Demo Model

volume & innovation anaplan demo model
volume & innovation anaplan demo model
volume & innovation anaplan demo model

Become agile and resilient with continuous models and forecasts

Synchronize execution and readiness

See how Anaplan can help CPGs create the optimal plan!





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