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Transform with Twelve – Why Every Anaplan Project Should Begin with Advisory Services

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Transform with Twelve – Why every project should begin with Advisory Services

Business Transformation is no small undertaking. Whether you are navigating the organizational matrix, developing a roadmap, communicating the vision, establishing timelines, etc. there is a litany of issues that can prevent transformation success. Twelve Consulting Group has built an Advisory Services practice for this very purpose. Twelve Advisory Services combines broad Anaplan and technology expertise with experience leading transformation as a trusted partner at organizations of all sizes.

For the purpose of discussion, let’s focus on Finance Transformation.  In smart organizations, finance leaders have evolved from reporting partners to highly trusted business advisors. As the finance function grows in stature and pertinence as a strategic business partner, finance transformation – unlocking value by changing the finance organization’s status quo – is a priority for many companies. Whether you seek to change the way you budget, forecast, report, or all of the above, real transformation requires a thoughtful and dedicated team in order to succeed.

New technologies are enabling change, but require subject matter expertise

Finance transformation allows organizations to provide greater transparency, consistency and accuracy to financial planning. External partners can help navigate these technology solutions and deliver a successful project by providing an outside perspective as well as subject matter expertise. Twelve Consulting Group is committed to helping our clients navigate the journey of finance/business transformation by combining tested, industry-leading practices with unmatched Anaplan experience. With over 250 Anaplan implementations and 80 clients globally, no firm is better qualified to ensure your success in moving to the next generation of cloud-based business planning.

Product excellence does not equal project excellence

If poorly implemented, even the most mature connected planning tools/systems/models will fail. Any transformation project must be tailored to your unique company needs. As a result, every engagement should begin with Advisory Services, providing guidance on how to structure a successful project. The Twelve Advisory team maintains project diligence and helps organizations navigate roadblocks on the five areas of project risk – data, design, people, process, and change management. Through this partnership, and in tandem with the Twelve Consulting Group Delivery Team, our customers see accelerated delivery timelines and customized business solutions.

A roadmap is required for long-term success.

Twelve Advisory begins each engagement with a collaborative approach to roadmap development. Finance transformation requires a roadmap - there are a myriad opportunities to enhance the function and for that reason a roadmap that prioritizes actions is key. This roadmap will help bridge your finance transformation into a more broad connected planning initiative, keep all stakeholders focused on the tasks ahead, and establish success criteria to measure project ROI.

Regardless of company or project size, the Twelve Advisory team can help advance your business transformation. To learn more about how Twelve Advisory Services can help ensure project success please contact Kelly Phillips ( or visit us online at to schedule a meeting.


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