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Anaplan for Medical Device Companies

Sales Incentives

Build trust with accurate, real-time calculations, and transparent payments that motivate your go-to-market organization to move as a single unit and accelerate revenue growth. 

The Anaplan platform provides full visibility to the whole organization, giving salespeople, managers, sales leaders, and executives real-time information on sales performance. 

Anaplan for Sales Incentives-Medical Devices

Streamlining Sales Incentives

 By tying commission plans, MBOs, and bonus programs to the strategic goals of the business, you can focus actions to achieve desired results. 

Manage ICM Across Your Enterprise 

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Construct and oversee all ICM plan elements, including thresholds, accelerators, splits, adjustments, tiered commission rates/bonuses, and SPIFs.

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Capture sales information from any product, in any currency.

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Calculate payments quickly and accurately.

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Standardize compensation plans across regions, geographies, or industries.

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Resolve complicated disputes and automate clawbacks. 

Anaplan for Incentive Compensation Management
Anaplan for Incentive Compensation Management
Anaplan ICM Crediting
Anaplan for Incentive Compensation Management

Gain Real-time Data and Analysis 

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Track sales and incentive data at any level of granularity, down to the individual sale.

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Aggregate sales information for sales leaders or executive reports.

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Maintain easily traceable records of historical data, dramatically simplifying audits.

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Visualize metrics in charts, graphs, maps, lists, and other actionable packages.

Powerful modeling and “what if” scenario planning 

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Create “what-if” scenarios to assess potential changes or competitive situations.

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Optimize compensation plans by tweaking parameters and instantly viewing the effects. 

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Measure potential changes before rolling new plans out to the sales organization.

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Model complex compensation structures (e.g., long sales cycles, team-based selling, multiple products, or solutions bundled together).

Anaplan ICM Plan Modeling-Medical Devices
Anaplan ICM Scenario Modeling

Data-Driven Sales
Incentive Management

Making the wrong changes to a sales incentive plan can be demotivating for sellers and prevent the organization from reaching its goals.

This eBook shares five key points to guide sales leaders and compensation managers through a truly disruptive time.


Give sales reps and managers real-time information on performance and compensation structures—pay quickly & accurately.

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Flexible &

Anaplan's scalable architecture allows for the addition of more users, territories, products, and scenarios without hindrance.

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Test various incentive scenarios to assess the financial and strategic implications of potential compensation changes.

Reduce Risk
& Cost

Automated calculations and validation to increase selling time and minimize compensation disputes.

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