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Streamlining Sales Planning in the Medical Device Sector

Enable your sales team with real-time data to respond swiftly to market changes and provide better customer insights.

Know Your Customers

with predictive account segmentation & scoring

Use both internal and external market indicators to focus on accounts with the highest chance of making sales. Give your sales team the strategic insight they need to succeed.

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Match each account with the best sales representative(s) and prioritize clients with the greatest revenue potential.

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Create target lists based on different criteria and evaluate their impact on territories, quotas, and income.

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User-friendly dashboards and analytics to analyze market segments and potential buyers, with easy-to-understand visualizations.

Anaplan for Sales Planning
Anaplan for Sales Planning
Anaplan for Territory Planning
Anaplan for Territory Planning

Strategic Territory Planning

Bring agility, precision, and scalability to the often complex process of carving out sales territories, ensuring your business can adapt quickly to changing conditions and optimize its sales potential.

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Construct territory strategies that include reliable indicators and hierarchies tailored to your business requirements.

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Design and implement ideal structures across various dimensions —geographical location, industry, product, and division.

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Swiftly modify plans to adjust for changes in head count, market disruptions, and evolving priorities.

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Integrate your territory, quota, and incentive compensation plans for swift administration and enhanced alignment.

Optimize Quota Planning

Plan quotas in a way that stimulates your sales team and is aligned with your organization's financial objectives.

Use a diverse set of data such as the size of the account, past performance, account potential, pipeline requirements, and more to shape, evaluate, and implement optimized quotas for every representative.

Enable real-time comprehensive and detailed views of sales performance for sales teams, executives, and individual representatives.

Utilize predictive analytics (Anaplan Plan IQ), purchasing cues, and intent data to make smart quota distributions.

Optimize Quota Planning-Medical Devices
Anaplan for Quota Planning-Medical Devices
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Anaplan for Medical Device Companies

Sales Planning

Anaplan facilitates real-time collaboration, allowing sales teams to integrate their forecasts with operations, finance, and other crucial departments.


It bridges the gap between field representatives who have a pulse on the market's needs and the back-end teams making inventory and production decisions.

Anaplan for Sales Planning
Anaplan for Sales Planning Case Study

Drive Better Sales Performance

This comprehensive case study provides an insightful look into how a medical device company successfully leveraged Anaplan for Incentive Compensation and Territory & Quota Management

Revolutionize Your Medical Device Sales Strategy

Pulse on the Market

A bridge between the field representatives with firsthand market insights and the decision-makers at the backend.

Market Segmentation

From implants to diagnostic equipment—Anaplan assists in segmenting markets and tailoring sales strategies accordingly.

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Enable your sales teams to test various scenarios, ensuring preparedness for diverse market conditions.


Access, modify, and share sales plans and data from any location, maintaining agility in dynamic sales environments.

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