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Why Your TPM Solution is Going to Fail & How to Break the Cycle

The past 30 years have been a revolving door of solution providers claiming to help companies better manage trade investments and improve returns on those investments.


Yet even with these Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solutions deployed, there has been little to no improvement in crucial KPIs; technology adoption wanes and Excel continues to be the number one technology enabler of Trade Promotion Management in CPG.


There is a way out of the 3 to 5-year cycle of deploying a new TPM solution, watching it fail, and reverting to Excel.


The new normal requires a new way of planning…one that replaces the Messy Middle with a born-on-the-cloud, scalable platform.


Download to learn more about how CPG peers break the cycle and leverage breakthrough TPM capabilities.

Are you disappointed with your TPM solution capabilities? Reach out to our TPM expert, David McCarty, with any questions.

Download the TPM white paper

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