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Enterprise Strategy

Our Enterprise Strategy services combine business knowledge with Anaplan expertise to bring agile business transformation to our clients. Our management consultants apply implementation experience to create long-term solutions and deliver best-in-class results in enterprise cloud planning.

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  • The Anaplan Connected Planning Vision Workshop

  • Anaplan QuickTake: Rapid business assessment and
    opportunity identification

  • Transformation at Scale: Large program delivery including zero-based budgeting, revenue growth management, and sales operations modernization

  • Anaplan agile business transformation services: Anaplan-specific requirements, data integration, and process design

  • Program and project management services

  • Change management services




We help our clients plan for a better future by mapping, assessing, and redesigning their existing processes.


We examine your existing data to provide you with recommendations and guidelines to ensure you’re getting the most out of Anaplan. We want to whip your poor data into shape.


Our people will coach & enable your team with the knowledge they need to ensure sustainable change inside your organization.


We design your Anaplan solution for not only today but for the future. Your organization has a larger strategy, so we design your solution to reflect that. We ensure your Anaplan model continues to perform through smarter road mapping and creating actionable plans that are aligned with your company’s future.

Change Management:

We build change frameworks and program management structures to govern and manage your Anaplan ecosystem across all workstreams. This ensures that all project work is aligned and serves an important higher goal. We strive to enable lasting transformation and de-risk technology purchases.

Enterprise Strategy Diagram


An intensive, highly structured session delivered by Twelve Enterprise Strategy and a Twelve Partner designed to: rapidly identify priorities; create a guiding vision; brainstorm, group, and prioritize opportunities; and build an actionable plan to get the most out of an Anaplan
platform investment.



  1. Understand organization priorities and vision

  2. Identify and prioritize Anaplan opportunities

  3. Build an actionable roadmap to execute on opportunities

  4. Create an executive-ready vision deck to summarize the session and provide program reference

Target Audience: 

  • Existing Anaplan customers

  • C-level executives and influencers from Finance, Sales, and Operations

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