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Take this interactive deep dive into The Anaplan Way to understand how the methodology works and why it’s important!

  • This 3-day virtual hands-on training is led by an experienced Twelve Consulting Group instructor from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm CST each day

  • Learn the methodology that guides implementations partners, customers, and leaders to identify and avoid common pitfalls of an Anaplan implementation


Training Objectives: 

  • Define the Four Cornerstones and how they apply to each phase of
    The Anaplan Way

  • Coach a customer to write a manifesto that is concise and focused on the project goal

  • Explain the importance of writing good user stories

  • Understand sprint timing and planning

  • Describe the UAT process, both automated and humanoid

  • And more!


Individual Registration:

  • More training sessions coming in 2022!

Group Registration:

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