Accelerate your learning and ramp your team faster with our virtual Level 1 Anaplan Model Building Class!

  • This 4-day virtual hands-on training is led by an experienced Twelve Consulting Group instructor from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm CST 

  • Learn the foundational Anaplan concepts and technical model building skills needed to constructively participate in an Anaplan implementation

Training Objectives: 

  • Identify the elements of DISCO in a model schema

  • Build a model in Anaplan that includes modules, lists, line items, and hierarchies

  • Import data into a model

  • Construct formulas and functions to calculate data and
    reference modules

  • Build end-user dashboards that include grids, charts, and lists

  • And more!


Individual Registration:

  • More trainings coming in 2021!

Group Registration:

Email information@twelvecg.com to schedule a custom class