Level 1 Model Building Training

Accelerate your learning and ramp your team faster with our Level 1 Anaplan Model Building training!

Level 1 Model Builder Certified

accreditation exam included


3 days, 6 hours/day


In-Person or Virtual

In this instructor-led Level 1 course, you will gain an understanding of the foundational concepts and building blocks of Anaplan.

Our dedicated instructor will guide the course in an engaging way, help you build a financial model, and answer questions in real-time. The goal of this hands-on course is to develop the technical skills required to build your first Anaplan model.

What You Will Learn


Identify the elements of DISCO in a model schema


Build a model in Anaplan that includes modules, lists, line items, and hierarchies


Import data into a model


Construct formulas and functions to calculate data and reference modules


Build end-user dashboards that include grids, charts, and lists


And more!

What You Will Gain

Model Builders learn the fundamentals of building and maintaining an Anaplan model

Project teams understand the necessary resources for the implementation and can plan accordingly

Model Builders and end-users leave prepared for implementation

Project teams learn and understand the Anaplan navigation & vocabulary

Learn the foundational Anaplan concepts and technical model building skills needed to constructively participate in an Anaplan implementation


Your Instructor

Johnathon Wingate

“Do not fear making an error or mistake. If you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn anything.” - Winni

Johnathon Wingate, aka Winni, is the Anaplan Enablement Lead at Twelve Consulting Group and lead instructor for Anaplan Level 1 and 2 courses. He has 6+ years of training and development experience and an MBA specializing in organizational change and development.


"My ultimate goal is to make learning new tasks, processes and systems as fun and engaging as possible without the fear of making a mistake."

Winni HS Web.png

What the Trainees Have to Say...

"Being able to ask questions on the fly as we worked through things was really helpful!"

"He was very patient, allowed us to share screens when we got stuck, allowed questions during and after each day!"

"The instructor was super knowledgeable and patient as we built the models. The best part is that he gave specific examples and applicability to real-life scenarios to help us understand the model building that went beyond the course material."


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